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Comparte is the organizing NGO of Comets for Peace, an event with which it aims to raise awareness among families of the need to cooperate with the improvement of the lives of thousands of children in Latin America and raise awareness for the peaceful resolution of conflicts.

Comparte is a non-governmental, secular and nonpartisan organization that currently works in 5 countries: Honduras, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina and Nicaragua. Helping thousands of children to have a quality school, nutritional support and to recover the joy of living.

For this, we rely on local NGOs from each country. Nobody knows better the reality and the problems that must be solved in their community. The work done by these organizations is subject to continuous monitoring of each of the projects and periodic visits to evaluate the work done on the spot, making direct contact with the children and the people responsible for the programs.

Comparte is committed to preventing school dropouts and helping to improve the family life of many children who suffer from child exploitation, serious illnesses, malnutrition and educational deficiencies.

Comparte account for your promotion and awareness with the support of numerous personalities, among which stand out: The artist Joan Manuel Serrat, the Nobel Peace Prize winners, Adolfo Pérez Esquivel and Rigoberta Menchu ​​and numerous official institutions such as UNESCO, CRIN, SERPAJ