Schools for peace

Building peace and ending the culture of violence is a responsibility of all people, and that is why an education that values ​​and promotes non-violent attitudes in all areas of our relationships is necessary. Attitudes, that favor cooperation, that value gender equality, the richness of diversity and that seek effective and empathic communication, promoting the democratic and active participation of citizens for the construction of a more just- and sustainable world.

PEACE is the process of realization of justice at all levels of the human dimension (intrapersonal, family, school, community, world). This process leads us to bring out the conflict to get to walk in that Peace.

If we recognize that people are diverse, and that we all have the right to have our needs met, there will be conflict. The concept of peace embraces diversity and embraces conflict.

The concept of Roman Peace was, that there was no war. But that concept has been evolving and since the 70s. It is considered that it is not only absence of war but also the absence of rights, of equality.

That is why the Festival Kite for Peace offers school workshops where peace is worked from a playful dynamic, the construction of kites that fly a message of peace.

If you are interested in participating as a School for Peace, fill in this form and we will contact you.